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Oakie Fan Club

Hey Kids!


My name is Oakie the Oakhurst Acorn and I am the Oakhurst Dairy mascot. I am a giant acorn who loves to dance, walk in parades and play with kids at fairs and festivals around New England. I have a very important job here at Oakhurst, which is to teach you kids about healthy eating, staying active and being a good steward of the environment.

I have this really cool club called the Oakie The Oakhurst Acorn Fan Club, which has over 5,000 members in it! If you are an Oakie fan or even just an Oakhurst fan, then you need to become an official member of my Oakie The Oakhurst Acorn Fan Club. When you join my club you'll get a membership kit (mailed right to your house), my In A Nutshell newsletter, and a birthday card (until you turn 13)!

Joining is FREE and open to all kids 12 and under who reside in New England, where Oakhurst products are sold.

Oakie The Oakhurst Acorn