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Oakhurst Dairy believes it is in everyones best interest to protect the environment. To do our part, we have invested significantly in technologies that improve our sustainability. In 2008 we installed one of the largest solar thermal energy systems in New England at our Portland facility. In 2009 we continued our investment with a new solar photovoltaic energy system at our Waterville, Maine distribution center - one of the largest installations in the entire state. Now, we are providing our customers a view of that system. Below are real time charts of the energy it generates and the CO2 it saves. We believe they are numbers well worth sharing.

Our Installation

For comparison purposes, the U.S. Energy Information Administration states that the average American home uses 30 KWh per day. Additionally, the average home in Maine uses 17 KWh per day.

Lastly, though this system has been providing us a reduction in energy requirements since October of 2009, our ability to display that began in April of 2011; therefore, for those interested, we do not have charting prior to April.

If you would like even more Oakhurst solar stats please check out our partner tracking site by clicking here.