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Living Natural Goodness

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For nearly 90 years and three generations, the Bennett family of Oakhurst Dairy has been committed to making a healthy difference in the communities we serve. Over the years, we have focused our efforts on promoting the health of children and the environment––these initiatives are part of our “Living Natural Goodness” program.  At Oakhurst, we believe healthy products and healthy kids go hand in hand.  By helping kids establish the right eating and exercise habits, and by being good stewards of the environment, we’re working toward a healthy, sustainable future for generations to come.

  • Every year Oakhurst contributes 10% of profits to organizations that share our healthy kids/healthy environment goals.
  • We support family farming in our communities and are committed to preserving the pastures and open spaces that contribute to the quality of life in Maine and New England.
  • We strive for sustainability within our dairy business, and have undertaken many green initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint––from conversion to biodiesel fuel to solar energy installations. Outside within the community, we actively support a wide range of environmental programs and organizations.
  • We are dedicated to providing healthy products to our customers, including naturally nutrient-rich Oakhurst milk, which provides essential vitamins and minerals without a lot of calories.

As part of our “Living Natural Goodness” program, we participate in festivals and events throughout the year, in support of our community partners. Find out what’s happening in Our Community.

Living Natural Goodness –– Program Highlights

Oakhurst is partnering with a number of organizations to bring new and exciting “Living Natural Goodness” initiatives to Maine and New Hampshire. These programs are particularly geared toward promoting health and wellness through improved nutrition and increased physical activity.

  • Fuel Up To Play 60 - A program launched by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, in collaboration with the USDA, is proud to partner with Oakhurst Dairy for "Living Natural Goodness" School Grants. Find out how you could win an Oakhurst “Living Natural Goodness” School Grants and improve nutrition and physical activity in your school.
  • Walk NH––Oakhurst has formed a three-way partnership with the Foundation for Healthy Communities and the Boys & Girls Clubs of New Hampshire to support Walk New Hampshire, a statewide effort to motivate and encourage kids and their families to make exercise and fitness a regular part of their daily lives.
  • The Maine State Parks Passport Program–– Oakhurst is supporting efforts to encourage more people to enjoy Maine’s incredible resources for outdoor recreation. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Maine’s State Park system, the Passport program provides a comprehensive reference guide to Maine’s 48 state parks and historic sites, and offers incentives to visit more of these special places. Oakhurst is also supporting “Take It Outside” events at Maine’s state parks.