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How You Can Help

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Making our planet a better place for the future will require businesses do even more tomorrow than they do today. At Oakhurst, we are constantly looking for new ideas and methods to reduce our impact on our environment. To help keep you informed, we've highlighted links to some quality organizations we believe are making a difference with our employees, at our business, and in our community. We can all help; and we encourage taking the following simple steps at home to make a difference.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


Start out with simple things like planning a weekly shopping trip to reduce the number of trips to the grocery store in your car. Try carpooling, public transportation, walking or riding a bike to work. (Walking or riding a bike might even reduce your waistline too!) Start with one day a week and gradually add more days if you can.


Reuse grocery bags or better yet bring your own cloth bags when you grocery shop. Donate used clothing and household items that are in good shape to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Reuse gallon milk jugs to make a birdfeeder with your kids. If the water in you community is safe to drink buy a refillable water bottle and fill it with tap water instead of buying individual bottles of water. If your water is not safe or you do not like the taste consider renting a bottle cooler for you family instead of buying individual bottles of water.


Start with recycling all of your Oakhurst milk and juice jugs and then add other items like paper, magazines and newspapers. This of course depends on what is accepted for recycling in your community. Many larger towns now have single sort systems (you do not have to separate plastic, paper, metal etc.) and even have curbside pick up, making it so easy to recycle.