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Athlete of the Week

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Every week, Oakhurst highlights a senior athlete of the week in various local newspapers. Selected by school officials each week, these athletes exhibit a high level of commitment and accomplishment in both academics and sports.

Oakhurst Dairy is proud to honor each athlete as they all are model students who have found the fine balance between studying and sports.

Each Athlete of the Week recipient has been highlighted in their weekly local newspaper. Click on the names below to learn about recent Oakhurst High School Senior Athletes of the Week recipients. If you do not see the athlete you are looking for, please check our athlete archives.

Click on a picture/name to download a PDF about each athlete.

  1. Johnny Strandburg
    Johnny Strandburg
    Massabesic High
  2. Erin Kany
    Erin Kany
    Thornton Academy
  3. Dayna Lambert
    Dayna Lambert
    Bonny Eagle High School
  4. Caitlin Kane
    Caitlin Kane
    Cape Elizabeth High
  5. Ashley Kane
    Ashley Kane
    Thornton Academy
  6. Ryan Graffam
    Ryan Graffam
    Sanford High
  7. Julia Boucher
    Julia Boucher
    Bonny Eagle High School
  8. David Welch
    David Welch
    Massabesic High School
  9. Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith
    Bonny Eagle High
  10. Connor Chapais
    Connor Chapais
    Sanford High School
  11. Anna Darling
    Anna Darling
    Cape Elizabeth
  12. Steven Broy
    Steven Broy
    Gorham High School
  13. Michael Vadnais
    Michael Vadnais
    Biddeford High School
  14. Jordan Bigelow
    Jordan Bigelow
    Sanford High School
  15. Cameron Creamer
    Cameron Creamer
    Massabesic High School
  16. Brittney Murray
    Brittney Murray
    Bonny Eagle High School
  17. Amanda Linscott
    Amanda Linscott
    South Portland High School
  18. Nick Gagne
    Nick Gagne
    Biddeford High School
  19. Matt Ranberg
    Matt Ranberg
    Sanford High School
  20. Lindsay Somerset
    Lindsay Somerset
    Bonny Eagle High
  21. Kye Christensen-Knowles
    Kye Christensen-Knowles
    Massabesic High

Looking for someone? Check the Athlete of the Week Archives.