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The toughest job - the greatest reward.


Nothing about parenting is easy. Which is why, for almost 100 years Oakhurst has been standing in mom's corner, committed to doing right by her, just as she's committed to do right by her kids. It's hectic, it's sweet, it's crazy and it's frustrating.
But it's a beautiful life, and it's so worth it.
Have a #SoWorthIt Moment?
Mia, 1, "organizing" mom's wallet.
Sweet baby Jennifer, now 7 months old, at just a few hours old.
Three-year-old Holden enjoying the snow in his backyard with mom.
Local farms, local cows, local milk. #SoWorthIt
Johnny, 19 months, giving mom some lovin' on Mother's Day!
Alison, 1, baking cookies.
Mason, 1, being an escape artist.
One-year-old Mateo on a family walk at Grandma's house.
Charlotte, 2 reading a book with mom before bedtime.
Caleb, 2, on a special mommy-son date away from his other siblings.
This Oakhurst truck runs on biodiesel and is part of our Carbon Challenge to reduce our carbon footprint by 20%.
Sawyer discovers the "endless" fun provided by the toilet paper roll.
Little Emanual, snuggling with mama at 4 months old.
So much fun hangin' out with Oakie.
Precious newborn Chloe just minutes after birth.
The adorable Karsen, 21 months and Kameron (happy in moms belly).
Lydia, 8 and Celia, 2 check out their new baby brother Eli on his first day home from the hospital after surprise arrival one month early.