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Product Innovation

Oakhurst Innovation: Maybe It's Time to Ask More from Your Milk

Oakhurst milk is one of Nature’s perfect foods, packed with the essential nutrients - like protein, calcium and vitamin D - that our bodies need every day. We continually find new and innovative ways to bring you all the goodness of milk and more with added convenience, enhanced health benefits and delicious new flavors. 

Oakhurst Plus products are fortified to provide additional health benefits, including healthy probiotics and Omega-3s.  

  • Oakhurst Plus NU-TRISH with ProbioticsOakhurst Plus NU-TRISH with Probiotics -

    Fortified with active cultures (acidophilus and bifidum) that aid in digestion, boost your immune system and enhance overall wellness. If you are lactose sensitive, NU-TRISH® is a great choice.