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Company Overview

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Oakhurst Founding:

Stanley T. Bennett purchased a dairy from the Leadbetter family on Woodfords Street, Portland, ME in 1921. The grove of Oak trees near the original dairy gave Stanley the idea for the name, Oakhurst Dairy. In the same year, the business moved to it's current location.

Oakhurst Headquarters:

364 Forest Avenue
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 772-7468
(800) 482-0718

Oakhurst Business:

Oakhurst markets and sells a full line of refrigerated milk and dairy products. Oakhurst's sole manufacturing facility and primary warehouse is located at the headquarters in Portland, ME. Oakhurst has two additional distribution facilities in Maine and one in New Hampshire. From these distribution points, Oakhurst services the Northern New England market. Oakhurst's customer base includes chain as well as independent grocery and convenience stores, foodservice outlets such as schools and restaurants and finally independent distributors. The Oakhurst branded product lines include fluid milk, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, egg nog, butter, ice cream mixes, juices, teas and water.

Oakhurst Employees:

Approximately 200

Oakhurst Annual Sales:

Approximately $110 million

Oakhurst Management:

Senior Leadership Team

  • John H. Bennett, President
  • Paul J. Connolly, Vice President of Systems, Chief Information Officer 
  • James M. Lesser, Vice President, Marketing and Sales 
  • Bradley C. Bowers, Plant Manager
  • Darlene Cadorette-Levesque, Human Resources Manager

Management Team

  • Jeff Connolly, Quality Control Assurance Manager
  • Michael Benar, Controller
  • Benjamin Chapman, Shipping Manager 
  • Ward Malmquist, Distribution Manager
  • Patrick Raymond, Maintenance Manager

Sales Management Team

  • James Carvalho, Sales Manager - Chain Grocery
  • Dwayne Dunn, Sales Manager Chain Convenience Stores, Independents
  • Stephen Rallis, Sales Manager - Alternative Channels
  • Andrew J. Russell, Sales Manager - Distributors, Food Service 
  • Robyn Chretien, Sales Operations Manager